rustic direct - lies, lies, lies


I ordered 2 tables in February of 2007.After many promises of delivery I was finally given a tracking number in May and was surprised to see just one of the tables I ordered.

I was told by Rustic Direct that the other table didnt make the container and it would be shipped shortly. After many e-mail exchanges promising delivery I was told that as my 2nd table was being loaded onto the delivery truck it was damaged and "my case" had been submitted to upper management. Later I was told that it went on to accounting and I would receive a refund. They dont even return my e-mails any more.

I wish I had seen this before I ordered other wise I never would have done business with this company. I find it incredible that they are permitted to operate in this country so dishonestly. Complete and total *** artists.

Dont buy anything from them.You will spend more time following up with your order then it is worth.

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